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John plays musical saw, hammered dulcimer, and alphorn (a pleasant 12-foot wood version from Austria), but he also plays various brass instruments including French horn and tenor/alto horn in the Southampton Community Band, the Veterans Association of Military Musicians (VAMM) Band, and the Penn View Brass Band. He has performed on musical saw in the Maine Festival, the New Jersey Folk Festival, and in many folk music venues (including Pinelands Cultural Society concerts at Albert Music Hall in Waretown, NJ) and been accompanied by several concert bands. 

John was a member of the well-received Howitzers Mandolin Orchestra in Maine for many years (playing a variety of instruments other than mandolin) and The Harpsawchords (a saw and harp duet) and Hunt and Pick (with a banjo player) in New Jersey. He resides in Upper Dublin Township. 

John is available to present a short program from a wide variety of music types at folk music venues, church services (old-time hymns), or nonprofit events—or as a guest musician in music groups when someone has the thought, “You know what’s missing and we really need to make this piece perfect? A musical saw.” He presents a casual approach to his program with understated, off-the-cuff humor as he plays the musical saw and offers instruction in playing the nontraditional instrument.

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