This page gives you the low-down on location, time, and formats of BCFSS monthly meetings.


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  Bucks County Folk Song Society
BCFSS Monthly Meetings


Bucks County Folk Song Society holds its regular monthly meetings at

Wrightstown Friends Meetinghouse
PA Rte 413 (Durham Rd.)
Wrightstown, PA

The meetinghouse is on the west side of the road, just south of the intersection with Penns Park Rd. It's about 3 miles north of Newtown and 1 mile south of Rte. 232. For an interactive map, click here: Map to Meetinghouse.

Meetings are normally held on the first Sunday of every month, but occasionally switch to the second Sunday when the first is on a holiday weekend. Check the calendar to be sure.

The festivities begin around 6:30 and end promptly at 10:00pm.




  1. Monthly meetings normally begin with one of two musical formats:
    • Circle (usually 20-30 performers, once around) with song/story/dance presentations relating to a predetermined theme. Upcoming themes are listed in the calendar below. Click CIRCLE PHOTO GALLERY for a peek at a past circle meeting.
    • Featured Performer or series of performers. Performers are usually BCFSS members, but occasionally we feature guests from neighboring societies. All performers volunteer their time and talents. Click FEATURE PHOTO GALLERY for a peek at a past feature meeting, but be prepared for a wait of a minute or so.
  2. Minimal Business Meeting
  3. Announcements
  4. Sign-Ups for Upcoming Society Performances/Events
  5. About 1-1/2 Hours for Munching, Jamming, and Schmoozing



Here's what on the meeting calendar for the coming months:

To give you a better picture of our activities, we list the musical features of our past meetings on a separate page. Click HERE.

April 3, 2022

Now we're not saying pets are pests, though they could be. Most are not, but "pets" and "pest" are, in fact, anagrams. In any case there must be plenty of songs relating to either pets or pests. This will (finally!) be an in-person/zoom hybrid meeting in the meetinghouse, rather than the pre-school, and we plan to continue in that mode for the future. We will have jamming and socializing afterwards, but, it will not be possible to have snacks until we return to the pre-school building.

May 1, 2022

Obviously, we can't have lyrics without language, but you'll need more than that to tie into the theme. A foreign language song might be one way. Or a play on words. Lots of songs must have some kind of reference to language. Get creative. Jam sessions and socializing will follow.

June 5, 2022

The beginning of summer is a good time to start planning vacation trips, but there are many other kinds of trips to sing about. Ocean voyages; bus trips; train rides; road trips. The list goes on and on. Jam sessions and socializing will follow.

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