Featured Performer:

Mary Dart


 MEETING OF 6/4/2000



Promptly (well, sort of) at 6:30 (more or less) President Marti Rogers welcomed us and declared the evening's festivities to be open.
As is customary with feature nights, she then introduced our open stage presentations:

Arthur Brock picked out a mess o' blues on Pete's new (old) National . . .

Followed by Tim Juvenal, aka the Open Mike Host at the Beat Scene Coffeehouse.    

  And what BCFSS performance would be complete without that zany duo, Ed Kostansek and Carl Hemenway, aka "Bent Harpoon"?

Finally it was time for the main event in which we were honored to have our own Dr. Mary Dart on hand to share her talents with us. Mary is by far the best educated folkie we know, holding a PhD in Folklore and Ethnomusicology with an emphasis on World Music, especially Scandinavian tunes.

On top of that, she
plays guitar . . . .

. . . . . and Accordion!

To add to her qualifications as performer, scholar, and educator, Mary also has many original songs to her credit -- including three that are published in "Rise Up Singing". She treated us to performances of these and many others.

Later, Mary's colleague, Jim Grumbach joined her with his 12-string and vocals

Mary and Jim, along with fellow math teacher, Kevin Moon on bass, form the group, "3-Squared".

Mary's original compositions formed an autobiography of her musical career as well as her personal experience. All-in-all it was a thoroughly enjoyable presentation.

After a few announcements about future meetings and upcoming events, it was on to the other essential ingredients of every BCFSS gathering -- MUNCHING and JAMMING.

Here, Sandy Mikelberg dishes up the goodies. . . .

. . . while an uncharacteristically somber-looking Tom Tucker frails away on his 5-string!

As always, we wrapped things up promptly (as required by our lease) at 10:00pm. That way, we don't get tossed out on our ears, and the doors will remain open to welcome us back next month. If you liked what you saw above, we hope you'll be there to join us.

** All Photos Courtesy of Marty Mikelberg


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