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  Bucks County Folk Song Society
Folk Music Links


On these pages we have attempted to compile all the links we know of to sites we believe would be of particular interest to folkies in southeastern PA and nearby NJ, NY, and MD.  Among the reference sites listed below are truly exhaustive compilations of links to just about every other folk music-related site on the planet (and there are lots). Therefore, our link library will not attempt to reproduce those compilations, but will simply provide links to them.

Please let us know what you think of these and any other sites you are aware of that we might want to list. Also please let us know if you have any problems with these links.

NOTE: A link from this site does not constitute an endorsement of any other site or its contents. We do not accept compensation for these links and reserve the right to remove or refuse them for any reason whatever.  Return links are not a requirement, but we do appreciate them.



For ease of navigation, we have attempted to group similar types of links into categories.  Our current list of categories follows:

Performing Artists  This list consists primarily of artists who perform in this area and seem to be popular with local audiences.  We also include a few who are not often heard in these parts, but who might be of interest to our regional audience.  BCFSS artists are included only if they have a personal website.  Information on these and other BCFSS performers can also be found on our Performers Page.

Folk Music Organizations  This list consists primarily of folk music organizations in PA and nearby states.  Some organizations who regularly run concerts using outside talent may also be listed unders Venues or Events.

Folk Music Venues  This list consists primarily of folk music venues in PA and nearby states.  Some organizations who regularly run concerts using outside talent may be listed both as a venue and as an Organization.


Folk Music Events & Festivals We can't even begin to contemplate a comprehensive list of festival information, so the best we can do is give you ones we've heard of. Some are local and others are half way around the world, but we know that to the serious festival goer, distance is no object (and a satisfactory excuse for an extended vacation).

Reference Sources  This category includes a variety of Folk Music references, including, but not limited to, tune, chord, and lyric sources, songwriting and publishing info, discussion groups, and other link compilations.  This section knows no geographical boundaries.

Media  This category includes websites of folk music related print and broadcast media as well as purely electronic publications (e-zines) and streaming audio.

Gear This category includes manufacturers and retailers of instruments, accessories, and supplies.  As mentioned above, these listings do not constitute an endorsement of any of these suppliers or their products.

Other We used to call this category "Special Interest".  It includes any subject of interest that does not seem to fit into any other category, and does not have enough links to warrant a category of its own. This would include sites that focus on a specific instrument or genre



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