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  Bucks County Folk Song Society
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I join?
All you need to do is show up at one of our meetings or events and bring your dues money. Our treasurer will be happy to separate you from your cash. Of course, non-members are always welcome to visit our meetings, but to attend regularly and receive our interesting and informative newsletter, you need to join.
And speaking of dues, how much are they?
Regular annual dues are $10 per person and $15 per household, due by the February meeting. They're discounted to half price after June 30. Dues-paying members receive our monthly newsletter, a discount on the "Rise Up Singing" songbook, and the right to participate in our public performances.

Can children come to meetings?
Sure, bring the kids -- they don't have to be performers, but we especially enjoy it when they summon up the courage to play or sing.  If they continue coming and performing, it's great fun to watch their talents develop.  We ask only that they be under the supervision of an adult.  The meetinghouse has certain guidelines about which areas we can use and where we can take food, etc., and children sometimes need to be reminded.
Do I have to be a performer to join?
Not at all. Performing skills are NOT required. You're welcome to be a listener or a learner -- whichever suits you. All you need is a love of acoustic music and good company.
I perform professionally. Will BCFSS hire me?
No. Our performances are showcases for our own members to display and polish their talents. In the process they gain exposure, make contacts, sell albums, etc. It also gives members a way to generate financial support for the society in addition to paying dues.
I'm a "Plugged" performer. Will I fit in?
As an organization, we're acoustically-oriented, but our members appreciate all kinds of music. No one has ever been thrown out of a meeting or physically abused for bringing a keyboard, but a Stratocaster would be stretching it. Realistically, if your axe is a Strat, you're probably not into the kind of music you'll hear at a BCFSS event, but come on out and listen - you may be pleasantly surprised.
Does that mean that BCFSS performances are strictly acoustic?
With regard to public performances, acoustic music is what people usually have in mind when they pay to hear a "Folk Song" society. For logistical reasons, we make an exception for electric bass guitars. Also, direct-connected acoustic instruments (i.e. contact mikes) are not considered electronic music -- just sound reinforcement.
What kind of performances does BCFSS do?
We have played everything from campfires to dinner parties to art and craft festivals. Our greatest advantage over most other sources of entertainment is that rather than a single act, we are a large group of artists with a variety of styles and repertoires. Besides the ability to precisely tailor our offering to fit any type of event, this allows us to play for extended periods - even days - without becoming repetitious.
I would like to hire acoustic entertainment for my event.
Please click here to contact us directly, and do it as early as possible. Given the variety of talent we have to work with, we can offer a wide range of options - some of which you may not even have thought of. Based on our extensive performing experience, we'll be more than happy to offer suggestions as to what would work best for your event -- even if it's not us. We know lots of people in the business.
Will BCFSS need a sound system to play at my event.
It's a rare (and small) venue indeed that doesn't require electronic sound reinforcement. However, we have our own professional sound equipment and we know how to use it.
Will you link to my website?
Depends on your content. We're more than happy to carry links that we believe might be of interest to current and potential members, primarily in SE Pennsylvania and nearby New Jersey. We link to appropriate commercial sites, but not for a fee. We do not now and never will accept paid advertisements or links.
Do you have an electronic mailing list?
Yes - but we do not share it. If you have an item you would like our list members to know about, send it to, and we will forward and/or post it on the website it at our discretion.  Write us at the same address if you wish to be on the list.  Any forwarded messages are sent anonymously, i.e. the recipients' names and addresses are not visible, so they can not be misused by other recipients.  Along the same lines, we request that our or any of our members' addresses found on this website not be placed on any mailing list without permission. If we find that our members' address are being misused, we will be forced to remove them.
I have a question that's not answered here.
Simple -- just click here to E-Mail us. We'll respond promptly and if appropriate, add your question to this FAQs page.


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