MEETING OF 7/9/2000



In discussing themes for the July 9 meeting, someone on the Planning Committee remarked that it had been a long time since our last "normal" circle. And so it was that we gathered at the Wrightstown Friends Meetinghouse for our regular monthly meeting at 6:30pm on the 9th of July to address the topic of "Normality". As is our custom we sat in a circle and each person who had something to present on the topic had a chance to play/sing/recite their selection. Those who came just to listen "passed" when their turn came, but a number of those who didn't "pass" are pictured below. A click on the face of your choice will bring up a larger image of the individual and usually several of their neighbors. By the time you've viewed them all you should have a pretty good idea of what a BCFSS circle is like.

If you were present on July 9, but you don't see your picture, rest assured that whatever shots we had of you were not of the sort that you would wish to reveal to the entire world. If you do see your picture and it's not of the sort that you would wish to reveal to the entire world, please accept our apology -- we wanted to show as much of the circle as possible. Even in the modern digital world, photography remains a trial-and-error process. You can be certain we'll try again soon.

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Ken Lelen
Dorothy Goda   Sharon Abbott Arthur Brock
Jack Butler
Al Krass Harry Rothwell

Paul Schoenwetter

Laura Loewen  
Marty Mikelberg
Alice Gille

Bert Coffman

Judy Ghebeles

Lutz Mueller
  Joanne Adler Richard McLaughlin (Ecoman)

Part of the fun in our circles is the opportunity to sing along, though common courtesy dictates that we do so only when invited by the performer. Glorious harmonies often result, but the downside is that the performer may be drowned out, especially if other instrumentalists join in. An ideal way to circumvent this is to arrange in advance for one or more designated "backup artists". Sometimes performers take turns backing each other up while others combine their selections into a single duet.

Marianne Tucker The Tuckers, Tom and Marianne, often (though not always) perform as a duet. That's probably because that's what they do for a living. Dick and Helen Weed generally do the same (though not for a living -- YET), but so far we don't have a picture to offer. Tom Tucker

Some of our friends from the Lehigh Valley Folk Music Society have journeyed all the way from Allentown to join us.
Edie Kuhns
Karen Dunstan
Edie, Karen, and Len regularly perform together with LVFMS at meetings and gigs.
Thus they were well-prepared to back each other up on their individual songs, and the result was delightful.
Len Christman

Along with socializing and jamming the essential component of every BCFSS gathering is FOOD! A Delectable Closing Number

This particularly tempting delight was contributed by our resident culinary connoisseur, Jack Butler.

As always, we wrapped things up promptly (as required by our lease) at 10:00pm. That way, we don't get tossed out on our ears, and the doors will remain open to welcome us back next month. If you liked what you saw above, we hope you'll be there to join us.

** All Photos Courtesy of Marty Mikelberg


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