BCFSS has been blessed with a wide variety of talented performing artists.  We hope you'll enjoy reading about them. We know you'd enjoy hearing them.


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Like its namesake bench in Alice's Restaurant, Group W brings a solid foundation of instrumental musicianship and vocal harmonies to the forefront of its performances.

Presenting a pleasing variety of folk, bluegrass, gospel, contemporary rock and original songs in each performance, Group W’s female and male vocal solos, 3 part vocal harmonies and instrumentals has been delighting audiences in their short time together.

Lisa Wildman’s singing varies from sweetly melodic to country twangs from her native Texas; her classical music training shines on flute, fife, and rhythm guitar. 

Dave McCullough displays his roots in rock and blues on guitar, mandolin and his fine baritone voice.

Joel Hanna showcases his versatility with his guitar and dobro.

"A very authentic sound with well-crafted guitar, mandolin and flute work. Lisa's voice is in refreshing contrast to the girlish hiccups of the pop world. It is rich but not heavy, precise but still somehow floating. I was transported to a place where beautiful words meet beautiful sounds, and the spirit soars."-- Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, Expressly Vegetarian Café

Group W can be reached at:

Check the Group W Website for other upcoming engagements and further information


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